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Member Of America’s Most Wanted Tour Suspected Of Breaking Woman’s Jaw

Posted By on August 23, 2013

The “Americas Most Wanted” tour makes it to the news once again and another tour bus was involved in the incident. A women has come to police, claiming she was assaulted by an entourage member on one of the rappers tour bus in OKC. This incident alledgedly happend just hours before the Two Chainz tour bus arrest.

The law enforcement in the area says the victim was invited on to one of the tour busses by an unidentified entourage member. When the man forced his way down the victims shirt and grabbed her breast, the victim slapped his hand out of the way. The man then turned about and punched the girl in the face launching her of the bus and onto the pavement.

The victim says her jaw is broke in two places from the punch, and her jaw is wired shut for 6 weeks.

A rep for T.I. says the incident did not take place on his tour bus and the rapper had no idea that the incident even happened. There has been no comments from any of the other rappers.

The incident is under investigation, but no arrest have been made so far.