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T.I. Weighs In On Kendrick Lamar

Posted By on August 28, 2013

Grand Hustle General T.I. is the latest figure to chime in on the “King of New York” dispute that Kendrick Lamar started with his “Control” verse and said ,with the exception of Jay Z, Kendrick might be right.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Tip gave his point of view on the controversial verse.

“I think the climate being as it is, the skill level being as it is, the level of artistry being applied to hit records as it is today, overall, not just for one person, but overall, I think he did what he had to do to get motherf*ckers to wake up and step their sh*t up,” Tip said in an interview. “If you ask someone who is highly skilled but less successful, it would not have worked as well. It takes someone who is highly skilled, to be the most successful and to be daring enough to step out. … Him saying that he was the ‘King of New York,’ that was courageous. [laughs] To go against a whole coast? That was courageous. That was heroic. … He said it and he gonna wear it ’cause right now there is no, well, with the exception of Jay, there is no new artist out right now whose as successful or more than Kendrick from New York. There is no new artist whose record plays more than Kendrick’s record in New York. So arguably, he’s correct.” (VIBE)

West Coast veteran Snoop Dogg also commented on the situation and said he agrees with the comments from Brooklyn rapper  Maino about his thoughts of the verse.

“I wouldn’t say New York is soft, I stand behind what Maino said. I was listening to him on the radio station, it was crazy to hear somebody from New York speak from the perspective that he spoke from and he’s a real n*gga, so, you can’t just not take his words into account. I was listening to him speak from his perspective and he basically hit it on the nail. There’s a lot of following going on with sound and influences but what people don’t understand is New York influenced everybody. When hip-hop was born and bred, it was born here and it spread across the whole globe and its influence was definitely going to take on new faces and new bodies and new sounds — but the thing is, it all originated here so there’s no such thing as a true original.” (This Is 50)

Snoop also sent out a warning to all the hip-hop artist dissing Lamar about the possible consequences of going after him.

“There’s really no originator to what it is but people get so caught up with trying to make beef when [Kendrick’s] just making good music. He’s making a point by saying what he’s saying. He’s juggling both coasts, his music is being played over the New York radio stations, all over the West Coast radio stations, he’s selling tons of records, he’s selling out concerts, sh*t, that’s the king. When I was doing that, I proclaimed myself the king. Nobody had a problem with it. It’s just that he’s a nice guy so they have a problem with it. He doesn’t have a gangsta approach. Let me let y’all know, he’s got a hundred thousand motherf*cking gangstas with him, so y’all better watch what y’all say.” (This Is 50)

Midwest Rapper TechN9ne also backed up Kendrick and his movement in a recent interview with “Montreality”

“My reaction was, ‘Yeah n*gga! Wake these motherf*ckers up!’ Everybody’s so lazy, man. I always raise my bar. My bars are always raised, every album. It’s always pushing my peers to go harder when they do a song with me. So for Kendrick to take it a step further, say names and sh*t, it’s really waking n*ggas up. And if anybody got a problem with my lil homie, you know what I’m saying, I got his back. Sorry and sh*t, let’s go.” (Montreality)

Check out T.I.’s interview with VIBE: