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2 Chainz Responds To Funkmaster Flex

Posted By on May 1, 2014

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz was recently called out by Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex about his freestyle skills and the G.O.O.D. Music MC has finally responded to the remarks.

Footage of 2 Chainz blasting Funk Flex for calling him out on his skills on the mic has surfaced online.

 “I don’t give a f-k what Funkmaster Flex gotta say about this n*gga from Atlanta,” Tit said during a concert on Wednesday night. Coincidentally (or, more likely, not), the Def Jam rapper’s response came at the birthday show for DJ Prostyle ? who works at Power 105.1, an NYC rival of Flex’s Hot 97. “I ain’t use no motherf-kin’ help,” he boasted while on stage at the Best Buy Theater. “I ain’t come to no n–a for no favors. I got up here on my own. F-k you and what you think about me, n–a.” (MTV)

Flex recently explained how he thought he might of caught Chainz on a bad day when he asked for him to drop a freestyle.

 “The freestyle that wasn’t very good on my show, it had to be 2 Chainz. Honestly, I think I caught him off guard. I think he didn’t expect me to ask him to do it,” Flex said in an interview. “I’ve heard him on shows freestyling before so I knew he could handle it. But I think that day, he couldn’t handle it.” (ESPN)

Check out the footage below: