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2 Chainz Explains $100,000 Price Tag Controversy

Posted By on July 25, 2013

You might remember rapper 2Chainz claiming his feature price tag is $100,000 a few weeks ago. Recently on the Breakfast Club, the rapper further explained the reasoning and logic behind that statement. In the interview, 2Chainz also states that he is “One of the most featured people out”.

“The thing about the hundred thousand, which I’ve been explaining ever since it came out, this question was asked to me out in London, so my answer, when they asked me how much I charge per verse, I asked them what was a hundred thousand in their currency, in pounds, I was just trying to explain the difference in currency. I think it was like 60 pounds or something like that. … But it’s no secret, I’m one of the most featured people but as far as my business and what I charge people, it’s definitely on a different scale depending on who, when, what and all these situations. I’ve did swaps before but I’m in the part of my career now where I just want to do flat-out business. … I know what my budget is and what I bring to the table. At the end of the day, you just have to appreciate. I appreciate what everybody does here in hip-hop and just for me, when people come to me and want features, I give them that. I don’t short-change them.” (“The Breakfast Club”)