Two Chainz’ Tour Bus Reportedly Stopped & Towed By OKC Police

Two Chainz’ Tour Bus Reportedly Stopped & Towed By OKC Police

Earlier this morning (August 22), outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a tour bus was stopped believed to be associated with Def Jam Records star 2 Chainz. The local station claims just after midnight Thursday, police pulled the tour bus over at Interstate 40 and Meridian for a broken taillight. The officer suspected the driver of drug use, and arrested him.

The report also indicates that the bus’ passengers initially refused to cooperate with police.

 “The bus doors were locked, however, and the passengers on board refused to open them. Police had the tour bus towed to the training facility at 850 North Portland until officers could obtain a warrant to search the bus,”

The seven passengers on board were eventually taken off the bus and detained while officers conducted a search of the vehicle. All of the passengers could be charged with interfering with official process, which is a misdemeanor offense. have been unable to confirm if 2 Chainz was on the bus at the time.

UPDATE:TMZ has obtained footage of the incident:

UPDATE- This 2Chainz story is getting more interesting by the minute.Check out this photo that was obtained of the Atlanta rapper in handcuffs walking into the police station. Safe to say the Feds are definitely watching:


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