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2Pac’s Videographer Says that Suge Knight Was Not Shot As He Claimed, “7 Days” Documentary

Posted By on February 19, 2013

Gobi M. Rahimi, Tupac Shukur’s videographer, reveals some stunning details surrounding the last days in the life of Tupac. He says that Suge Knight’s claim that he was shot in the assault is untrue.

As one of the few actual witnesses of the events surrounding a several day period in which Tupac fought to hold on to a life that was ultimately claimed by an assault on a Las Vegas street days earlier, Gobi M. Rahimi challenges the claim of Suge Knight that he was shot on that infamous night. His account of what took place contradicts that of what has been believed to be truth since that night.

In Knight’s account of the ordeal, he was shot in the head during the assault and that the bullet is still lodged in his head.

In the documentary “7 Dayz”, which is forthcoming, Rahimi recounts that in the aftermath of the shooting that would ultimately claimed the life of 2Pac, he remembers a nurse coming out to inform Suge Knight’s mother that her son would be fine. The nurse said that he had been cut by glass or flying shrapnel and that he would only need stitches.

“A little quick ultrasound would show whether he’s got a bullet or not in his skull,” Gobi told HipHopDX in an interview that took place on Monday, February 11th.. “I just remember what I heard. So, unless they went in afterwards and they found a bullet … I’m just repeating what I heard her say.”

There are those that believe that Knight lied about being injured in the assault during interviews that followed the shooting to cover up the fact that he was involved in the shooting. This new revelation will definitely not ease those speculations.

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