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Man Charged With Felony After Fighting Over Tupac

Posted By on August 13, 2008

    Tupac has been gone for almost twelve years now, but he still is causing people to get out of control. Two Wisconsin men recently got into an argument about Tupac that led to a felony charge. According to Milwakee's radio station WTMJ, Ryan Domenico was charged yesterday with substantial battery after he bashed the other man's head with a drinking glass after the man had made bad comments about Tupac.

    The reports are saying that the man who was hit was sitting with his girlfriend at Shepherds Bar when a 2 Pac song started to play on the jukebox. After the man showed his dislike for the rapper, Ryan Domenico came up to the man and asked him to say his comment again. After he repeated himself, Domenico hit the man.