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2Pac Greatest Hits? Madona?

Posted By on December 12, 2002

On the heals of the release of the highly successful “Better Dayz,” Suge Knight recently spoke about the next 2Pac release:

“We’re putting together another album that will really represent the best of Pac. All the other stuff that has come before, even on the new record…it’s good, but Pac didn’t make alot of it with the intention of it being released. Pac was that good that we can put these songs out, but few of them were made for the public to hear. The tracks we’re working with now though, they are what you could call real songs. They were made for the album that was to come out after Makaveli. Pac had finished Makaveli when he died and was already 15 or so songs into his next album. It was untitled but Pac wanted to put it out on Christmas day. He wanted to set a record for having three albums in a year. He was so driven, and these songs are amazing, they are the best Pac you will ever hear.”

“There’s this one song ‘Vaults Of The Dead,’ that will shock alot of people even now. There’s another one called ‘America Eats Its Own,’ and then there’s ‘Please Do.’ That is the angriest Pac you will ever hear, it’s like ‘Hit Em Up’ x 100 in terms of how mad he is. Pac recorded another track called ‘Guns To Ground’ that opposed the violence that filled alot of his music but not in a hypocritical way. And then we’ve got ‘Tales From The Crib.’ That is the real song he did with Madonna, but I don’t know whether we are going to put that one out or not. It’s like the J.Lo thing. Madonna’s married with kids now. Back then she was still real wild. They even talked about doing a video for that song, but yeah. We’ll have to see about that one.”