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50 Cent Speaks On SMS Audio’s Abitlity To Compete With Beats By Dre

Posted By on January 13, 2014

Head of G-Unit 50 Cent recently spoke on his SMS Audio line and how his headphone business venture has really turned global. Although SMS has major competition with rap mogul Dr.Dre’s Beats By Dre line, 50 says SMS can definitely compete against the mega brand.

According to 50 cent, SMS Audio can easily compete with brands like Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre line due to its international appeal.

“I’ve launched SMS in 59 countries. We pretty much turned it into Adidas. Nike is strong in America, but internationally, Adidas has soccer. Huge. It’s a lot of different things and territories. I don’t know if it has a connection with my touring at those territories. If you’ve had huge success out there in the hip-hop culture over the past decade, you have the ability to tour in areas that weren’t open markets before.” (Complex)

50 also spoke on how much of a role SMS investor TImbaland has had with the growing brand.

“He was the right guy to develop the signature sound for the headset. So it is a process. Before when I would get different headphones tuned with different sounds to test, he gets them now. So I don’t have to go through that process. Overall, implementing different functionalities is how you improve the product.” (Complex)

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