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50 Cent Talks Formula 50 Workout on Today Show (Video)

Posted By on January 17, 2013

Rap Music Mogul 50 Cent stopped by the “The Today Show” to discuss the release of his new book: Formula 50. Formula 50 is a book in which the rapper provides readers advice and tips on how to get fit. While at the show “Fifty” discussed how he became interested in working out and being fit in the first place. Referencing his shooting incident in 2000 and the grueling rehabilitation that followed, the rapper pointed tot that rehab period as the beginning of his interest in being holistically fit.

“I was hurt pretty bad so I had to come back to go through rehab in a city in New York and I would travel, it was an hour from where I was staying. From there, they’ll put you on special treadmills to walk because my legs were damaged pretty bad. And then I started to go to a local gym to walk on an actual treadmill. Just being in the environment, it made me want to be more involved in the other aspects of my physical health.”

The “marketing mastermind” briefly discussed one of the laws of the book which states “Learn to embrace the chaos of the gym.” He said that you have to learn how to be flexible in your workout routine. He said that it can be chaotic in the gym and if you are too rigid in your routine and you get to a workout station and it’s already taken it can be frustrating and cause you to give up on working that particular part of the body.

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