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50 Cent: Street King Immortal Pushed Back to Spring 2013

Posted By on January 18, 2013

During a sit down with MTV 50 Cent announced the release of “Street King Immortal” the G-Unit General’s latest LP, has been pushed back until spring. The release of the album has been pushed by multitudinous times for a number of reasons. It seems that some instability issues at Interscope Records has caused the delay.

During the interview 50 didn’t seem too concerned about the delay. He referenced the fact the label laid off 35 people during the Christmas Holidays and there seems to be some shuffling going on as they attempt to restructure the interoffice responsibilities. There it some delay in insuring that everyone knows their particular responsibilities.

In explaining the delay, the rapper seemed very calm, almost business like in the evaluation of the situation. “Street King Immortal, this Spring, because I’m waiting for – actually, it’s the system, It’s a lot of adjustments being made there. Obviously Christmas, I think 35 people got let go. So it’s interesting. It’s a shift in whose responsibilities are what. So I’m confident they’ll put it together.”

In an industry that often sees its artist go ballistic when they feel their label is not handling things in a way that is centered in their interest, fifties laid back approach is a refreshing look. Then again, Fifty is not a rookie at this point in his career. He’s not starving either.

The rapper also announced that he has released single “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine.

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