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50 Cent Dances Around Questions Concerning His Past Relationship With Chelsea Handler

Posted By on January 22, 2013

Rapper, Actor, and Businessman Extraordinaire 50 Cent proved that not only can he rap and act, but he is pretty light on his feet. The way he danced around the questions of Radio Show host Howard Stern concerning his past relationship with Chelsea Handler was nothing short of extraordinary. Stern, in true from, held nothing back in attempting to get the rapper, who was a guest on his show to reveal the details and the depth of his relationship with the TV talk show host.

Fifty cleverly short-answered or misdirected questions. Stern Asked questions like, was he ever in love with Chelsea. He also asked the G-Unit General how she was in bed. Fifty executed a certain level of loyalty to his relationship with Handler; something you rarely see from guest on the Howard Stern Show.

When Fif did answer the questions the answers were vague and suggestive, while never really answering the questions in a satisfying way. There is even one point in which fifty alluded to how sweet Chelsea was and that he would not put her business out there like that.

“Tell her I called her ‘gator.’ She’ll know what I’m talking about. Yeah, cause you gotta wrestle a gator…I’m not gonna answer that question Howard because I got a reputation. Chelsea’s a sweetheart,” Fifty said when faced with the question of whether he was ever in love with Handler.

The conversation quickly switched to Fifty talking about an opportunity he had to speak with the late Michael Jackson.

“Yeah man. I had posters on the wall, everything. Yeah, that was exciting. It was,” The rapper revealed in a video posted on RapRadar.com.

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