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Olivia Responds To 50 Cent’s 2 Milli Claim

Posted By on February 4, 2010

     50 Cent recently said that he spent over $2 million dollars trying to develop R&B singer Olivia, which ultimately failed. Now Olivia has come forward to say no matter what the figure was, it was money well spent. "I mean, I'm worth it," Olivia says. "You should have spent four [million]. I'm just saying, if you have an R&B artist and you're used to dealing with a whole bunch of rappers who all you have to do is get up and put on a sweat suit, like, come on. That's not fair. I'm a girl, like you said, I'm beautiful, I don't wanna OD and be extra cocky, but come on."

     "There's a lot of stuff that comes with having an R&B artist, so, what's the problem? He can afford it. I'm your artist, you love me, you gonna take care of me, you gonna take care of all your other artists so why is it a big deal for me? I don't know what he spent, but the point is you're supposed to be taking care of your artists. Why would you even want to throw out a number or whatever you're doing. It's not that serious."

Olivia – Responds To 50 Cent's "2 Million" Claim

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