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50 Cent Gets His Respect… Cover

Posted By on February 24, 2010

     50 Cent will cover the new issue of RESPECT Magazine, the new magazine that celebrates the classic and historic images in hip-hop that changed our generation. The new issue, available on March 9th, includes information on nine photographers whose work has helped construct the image of some of hip-hop's biggest artists. Jay-Z and Tupac were on the cover of the premiere issue of RESPECT.

     In related news, 50 Cent recently spoke about Jay-Z saying that Jigga has mastered the art of subliminal attacks and disses. "It's the competitive nature of the art form," Fif explained about his relationship with Jay. "It's still there, he still competes too. He just does it so subliminal that people don't read it." 50 went on to add "To me, it's a softer way to
do it. A safer way to do it because no one directly feels offended by
it…Why not just say it? I don't feel the [disses]. You gotta at least
let the [diss be noticeable.] A guy that's that subtle, how do you
really take offense to those activities? You know, I get really
disrespectful, I don't mind. And then it's like, we can go to the other
space and it can really go down."



50 Cent – Talks Beef With Jay-Z and Rick Ross

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