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50 Says Eminem’s Album Is Coming Out First

Posted By on February 25, 2009

    50 Cent visited the Howard Stern show
today, appearing right after a porn star bit starting a convo about sex. 50
says he never has slept with a porn star but they help motivate the girls he is
with [listen here]. The G-Unit general says he doesn't date famous women, even
though we know he dated Vivica Foxx. Howard Stern asks 50 Cent about a recent
altercation on the "Righteous Kill" movie set saying he heard 50
knocked out someone after they were questioning 5th knowing his lines, but 50
says that story was not true, but he did go shoot guns with Robert De Niro [listen here].

    After saying his album will come out in the summer, 50 said
that Eminem's album is done so he will be coming out first. When it comes to
his own album, "Before I Self Destruct," 50 says it's inspired by
Britney Spears and the drama in her life after she became successful. [listen here]
    When the topic of Rihanna and Chris Brown came up, Stern
asked 50 Cent if it's ever ok to hit a woman. 50 says "no, except my sons
mom, she was just different." [listen here] 50 says he didn't punch her in
the face but he had to move her out of the way. [listen here]

50 Cent On The Howard Stern Show


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