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50 Cent Holds Nothing Back, New Rick Ross Diss

Posted By on February 26, 2009

    50 Cent has been making the rounds hitting a lot of media outlets lately, including appearing on Howard Stern yesterday. 50 says he will be Rick Ross "Boss," telling Angie Martinez, "When I run Def Jam, I'mma get rid of all of 'em. Khaled, all of 'em." [watch here] 50 continued "I'll go be the president of Def Jam. I have great executive skills." 50 addressed the issue of doing video blogs saying hip hop is changing.  "The #1 video on BET I believe is being played 6 times a week so we're spending a million dollars on that, for what? How strong can those impressions be?" [watch here]

    50 says Rick Ross has been the easiest target so far but Cam'ron
was the fastest saying "he just went away so fast that there wasn’t an
issue at all. He called me the name my mom gave me as disrespect. He
called me Curtis, so I named my album Curtis. [watch here]

    After Rick Ross offered G-Unit members a $100k to join him, Tony Yayo released a Rick Ross diss song today titled "Somebody Snitched" [listen here]. Yayo mentions past beefs rapping "He the next Ja Rule, and [DJ] Khaled be hatin'/Remember last time p**sy at the radio station" [listen here]

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