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Boxer Wants 50 Cent To Play Him In New Movie

Posted By on March 1, 2011

     Former felon and world champion Bernard Hopkins wants 50 Cent to play him in a new film about his life.

"After I win, I'm ready to tell my whole story," Hopkins told ESPN, who will once again try to become the oldest world champion in boxing history at 46 when he faces light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal this summer in Canada. "I studied at the university of life." (ESPN)

     From Philly, Hopkins was sentence to 18 years for nine felonies at the age of 17 and when he was released four years later he took up boxing and quickly became 51-5-2 over 20 years.

Hopkins has financial backing for his movie and has talked to the producers of Training Days and Brooklyn's Finest about making the movie a reality. "Sometimes you have to almost die to know what living is about. I know my life can be an inspiration to others," said Hopkins, who hopes to focus on the movie after the fight. "I learned my lessons early. Statistics show that I shouldn't be alive today. I overcame so much." Where Dicky Eklund had Christian Bale portray him, Hopkins is looking for an actor a little less decorated. "I want 50 Cent," Hopkins said. "He has the swagger. He doesn't look approachable but he really is. He understands my life. It was his life also." (ESPN)

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