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50 Talks Ross, Bang Em Smurf & Young Buck

Posted By on March 5, 2009

    As we previously reportled, Rick Ross teamed up with former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf for a G-Unit diss and now 50 Cent is talking about it. "I wasn't surprised," 50 told in an interview with Angela Yee [watch here]. "I got
like three letters that he sent to the office, he had turned Muslim
while incarcerated and just wanted to make good…He got deported, so
he's not even in the United States…While he's out of the country, he
saw an opportunity to say something…I think the people around me that
would be willing [to be disloyal] were disposed of." [watch here]

     50 even talked about Young Buck and why he dropped him from G-Unit. "Like, they could
have potentially have gotten Buck to do something like that. That's why
it was so important that I removed him the way I did. When you identify
with a person having interest in themselves and themselves only, you
gotta get rid of them. You can't be a team player when they're playing
for themselves." [watch here]

50 Cent Reacts To Bang Em Smurf Riding W/ Rick Ross


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