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Curly Meets B-Real, Gets Shot At & TV Interest In Series

Posted By on March 6, 2009

    50 Cent's "Pimpin Curly" series continues this week with 5th installment entitled "Shots Fired" [watch here]. In the new episode Curly takes a new girl away from another pimp and finds an enemy taking a shot at his life. "Motherf*ckers got me trippin' and going back to my old ways," Curly says in the clip [watch here]. "I start looking for any n*gga I catch motherf*cking slippin' tryin' to play me like I'm Willy Lump Lump and sh*t man. How a motherf*cker try to rob Curly? N*gga almost killed me."

    Yesterday 50 Cent released a video in which he introduced his Pimpin Curly character to Cypress Hill's B-Real [watch here]. 50 is shown in ThisIs50 offices where he runs off and returns as Pimpin Curly [watch here].

    In related news, ex-G-Unit president Sha Money Xl recently talked about 50's Pimpin Curly series saying 50 "turns water into wine." [watch here]. Sha Money says HBO, Show Time, Comedy Central and MTV are calling about the series. [watch here]

50 Cent – Pimpin Curly Episode 5 "Shots Fired"


Pimpin Curly Meets B-Real


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