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50 Cent Joins Artists Who Donate After Performances

Posted By on March 10, 2011

     50 Cent has joined many other entertainers who have now donated to UNICEF, which "is providing vital relief supplies to meet the needs of women and
children at risk during this crisis," a spokesman for the artist told E!
News…the news of the donation came after news broke that 50 Cent performed for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (back in 2005 at the Venice Film Festival). This isn't a new thing or unique to the rapper.

     Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey and Usher have all issued
statements saying they would donate or had already given money to
charities after they appeared for the Gaddafi family in recent years. Media reports said that some artists were paid by Gaddafi's family merely to attend the parties. On the Twitter social networking website, Furtado said recently that she was paid $1 million for a 45 minute set before the Gaddafi clan in Italy in 2007.


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