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50 Cent Says that Hip Hop Has Become A Hipster Thing

Posted By on March 13, 2013

In the same way that other Hip Hop veterans have stated that they are not happy with the direction that Hip Hop has taken, 50 Cent recently weighed in with the same sentiments.

During a d recently interview with HYPERTRAK, Fif weighed in saying that some of the things that made Hip Hop appealing to him and may others as slowly left the game and that you find that you really miss those things when they are gone.

“I think you miss the things when they’re gone. When you look around and see it’s turned into this little hipster thing, the culture’s not even what it was, initially. You start to look for something that’s representation of what it was in the past, that you actually loved about it or you what you actually enjoyed. It turned into a fashion show for a little while.”

He went on to explain in greater detail.

“Artists are writing about fashion and that part’s like, it’s crazy, that part was never a core of the actual art. It was so many different things. You had to offer different walks, different perspectives. Your album was supposed to be better than the other guy’s album. The competitive portion. That’s why so often you got involved in battling, they called it beefing. They changed the terminology to beefing after Biggie and Tupac, but these guys aren’t Biggie and Tupac.”

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