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50 Cent Works On New Techno Songs

Posted By on March 15, 2010

     50 Cent says he has already started working on the follow up to his current "Before I Self Destruct" album, an album he is called "Black Magic." The G-Unit general says he is working outside of hip-hop, perhaps some techno-type songs. "I actually recorded three songs," Fif revealed in a recent interview. "I had this idea, I went to a nightclub, afterparty, and it was a different kind of music going on there a little while before I actually got there. You know they play your music when you come, but the music they played before, they started playing material I created, which was more uptempo, more dance. I wanted to make a song like that so I went to the studio because I'm traveling with my live band, I took the band with me and we sequenced it and recorded the actual record while I was out there. I did two of the songs I had production for and I had been writing those songs for a while so I finished them and actually recorded them while I was out here…Black Magic project, I'm excited about it. It has a different vibe, I won't allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style or do one kind of music…If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music, for the people who have various tastes, they'll really like it."

50 Cent – Talks About Recording Three New Tracks For Black Magic

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