50 Cent Shows Rick Ross Friend Knocked Out

50 Cent Shows Rick Ross Friend Knocked Out

    50 Cent continues to air out Rick Ross and his entourage. Recently 50 put out a new video of Rick Ross associate Gunplay, of his Carol City Cartel, lying on the ground unconscious. [watch here] In the 2-minute clip, the G-Unit general taunts the rapper before and after he is knocked out on the "Carol City Cop-Tells" titled clip [watch here].

    "This one of the motherf*cking Ricky homeboys, man," 50 says in the intro. [watch here] "Look at this, I want you to hear this sh*t…n*gga ain't sh*t man, you can look and see he's high…Look at this joker man, I know the n*gga still live at his mama house…He broke man…N*gga on the floor man, n*gga knocked him the f*ck out..God d*mn man, out there in the street. Yeah, that n*gga sleep man, that n*gga sleep right there…Why n*gga ain't talking hard now?" [watch here]

50 Cent Airs Clip Of RIck Ross Associate Unconscious On The Ground



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