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50 Cent Talks Techno Music, Shows & More

Posted By on March 19, 2010

     50 Cent recently called into Tim Westwood's radio show to talk about his upcoming show in London along with everything including being sued over his Rick Ross sex tape. The G-Unit leader starts by defending himself and all the public beefs he has ben involved in saying he simply responds to what is out there.

     Westwood asks 50 about his new "techno" tracks for his upcoming "Black Magic" album that many have been talking about. "I got a joint thats real up-tempo." 50 says "when you hear the record, you will feel completely different about what Im saying..I just want to create something that's out of the box, that isn't the same style , the same kind of music." 50 continued "Im using different song formats," continuing "R&B records may have 8 bar verses and bridges, while the traditional hip hop records have 3 16 bar verses so to write it in a different format and still keep it hop hop music and 50 cent content, it's just writen in a different way."

     When it comes to being sued, 50 Cent says "that wasn't me, that was pimpin curley." 50 says "when a person tries to say that youve done something that has created some kind of mental harm to them, then they might want to consider the actual recordings that Rick Ross saying she is an actual call girl."

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