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50 Cent Speaks On Conflict Between Interscope Records And SMS Audio

Posted By on March 20, 2014

50 Cent Speaks On Conflict Between Interscope Records And SMS Audio

Rapper 50 Cent was recently interviewed and he spoke on his day at Interscope Records and how CEO Jimmy Iovine and Dr.Dre’s participation caused conflict between them.

According to 50, Interscope gave him multiple restrictions after he launched his SMS Audio head phones a few years ago.

 “Interscope is Beats Records,” 50 Cent told FORBES. “There’s no artist that has a marketing budget supporting what they’re actually doing that doesn’t have Beats headphones in the actual visual to support that brand, that company. So when I invested in SMS Audio, it kind of made people afraid.” In particular, 50 Cent recalls not being allowed to display his own SMS headphones shooting the video for “My Life.” At one point, he wore a hat with the SMS logo on it; the letters were blurred out in the final edit. (Forbes)

50 recently spoke on who he thought SMS audio could hang with companies like Beats By Dre due to their international fan base.

 “I’ve launched SMS in 59 countries. We pretty much turned it into Adidas. Nike is strong in America, but internationally, Adidas has soccer. Huge. It’s a lot of different things and territories. I don’t know if it has a connection with my touring at those territories. If you’ve had huge success out there in the hip-hop culture over the past decade, you have the ability to tour in areas that weren’t open markets before.” (Complex)

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