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50 Denies Offering Ricky Half A Mill To Stop

Posted By on April 8, 2009

    50 Cent is a vet when it comes beef and he lives by a strict philosophy "If a person wants a problem, I can accept that and give them a bigger problem than they actually want." In a new interview with radio's Big Boy [watch here], the G-Unit general talked about his recent beef with Rick Ross saying not only will Ricky's album flop, but he will "have a field day on his ass" with more diss. [watch here] "People are paying more attention to me and Rick Ross feuding than his actual records. His sales will reflect that," 50 told Big in the backseat of a vehicle en route to his house. [watch here]

    Recently Rick Ross said that an employee of 50 Cent offered him half a million dollars to stop dissing him and G-Unit but 50 says thats bullsh*t. "I saw that on YouTube," 50 said with a smile. [watch here] "He made that up — I don't think anybody interpreted that as if it was true. People looked at that like, 'Huh? … How much more of a fool can you make of yourself?' People look at it like, now you can't take anything from him serious." [watch here]

50 Cent Talks Rick Ross Beef With Big Boy


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