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50 Cent Thinks Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Are Just “Hype Men” Now

Posted By on April 16, 2014

50 Cent Thinks Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks Are Just “Hype Men” Now

Rapper 50 Cent recently spoke on the status of his G-Unit label and how he feels Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have really been on the back burner due to new comer Troy Ave.

According to 50, He feels Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks are pretty much Troy Ave’s “Hype Men.”

 “They actually like [Troy Ave’s] hype men now,” 50 said to New York’s Hot 97 of Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. He was referencing appearances on Troy’s “Show Me Love” and “Your Style,” respectively. “That’s not a shot. They’re there as the supporting cast.” Despite those words, Fif still made it seem like he’s just an elder who wants the best for and out of those he’s watched grow. “They’re like my little brothers,” he added. “I’d like for them to work to sustain their interests in the public.” (MTV)

50 also feels like he hears a lot of himself throughout Troy Ave’s music.

“When it came to Troy Ave, about whom the Queens rapper has been asked plenty in recent weeks, Fif played both sides. “I like the idea of Troy Ave,” he said. “I would want it to work. Just because I want something to happen in the city, period. But in reality I hear a lot of me in Troy Ave.”” (MTV)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview with Hot 97 below:  

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