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50 Cent “Lost” Interview Airs April 27th

Posted By on April 23, 2010

    This weekend, the FUSE network will air a lost 50 Cent interview where the G-Unit leader talks about the rumors of him using drugs, not winning Grammy Awards and even more. The interview comes from tapes made in November of 2009 called "The Lost Tapes" interview. "I deal with this constantly," 50 says on the trailer, "Don't say no sh*t that's gonna make me mad at you. So let's talk about the things people said. They said I was on cocaine in Croatia. They said I didn't like gay people. They say a lot of things. The majority of the general public don't even believe in their own ideas to make themselves successful. I'm looking forward to success, baby. I'm looking forward to great things happening, positive energy and I look forward to challenging myself creatively. I'm a work in-progress because I got 14 Grammy nominations and no trophies. It's because I chose to write the harsh realities. I have to create these things that mean something to me. You know why? Because I'll get lifetime achievement awards. That's why I feel like I'm gonna be better tomorrow than I am today."

50 Cent – The Lost Tapes Interview Trailer

  • Eric

    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?