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50 Cent’s Movie Goes Straight To DVD

Posted By on May 14, 2009

    According to multiple websites, movie studio Anchor Bay has bought the outright film distribution rights for 50 Cent's new "Streets Of Blood" movie. [watch here] Anchor Bay is known in the film industry for buying and distributing movies directly to DVD, so when you put 2 & 2 together, 50 Cent's new movie is going straight to video. "Streets of Blood" co-stars Val Kilmer, who reportedly got to be such good friends with the G-Unit general that he bought him a classic car.  The DVD will reportedly be available in stores July 28th.

    In related bad news for 50 Cent, the sales figures for his new video game "Blood On The Sand" [watch here] were released. 50 Cent’s sequel to his 1st game "Bulletproof," only managed to sell 56,000 copies in its first week compared to over 650,000 "Bulletproof" sold back in 2005 (which eventually went on to sell over a million total).

50 Cent – "Streets Of Blood" Movie (Trailer)


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