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50 Cent To Be A Police Informant

Posted By on May 26, 2009

    50 Cent will be a police informant, in a new movie that is. The G-Unit general will play a character who helps the police in the new film "Caught In The Crossfire." The movie has a police theme, with officers searching out crooked cops with the help of a police informant, played by 50. The movie's directors and crew are keeping a lot of their work under wraps. But the stars say they are enjoying their time in Grand Rapids. "It's quiet enough for me to enjoy myself," 50 said. "It's laid back out here. It's not so much going on that I'm uncomfortable being out and about."

    Brian Miller, director and writer of the film, said Grand Rapids was an obvious choice to film, even without the state's new incentives for filmmakers. The film, he said, is a story about two police officers and criminal informant who are caught in the crossfire between a gang-related retaliation and their own police department, with the life of a child in the balance. "It's a gut-wrenching thriller," Miller said. "It's a h*ll of a cast we put together."

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