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50 Cent Talks Weight Loss & New Album/Movie

Posted By on June 2, 2010

     50 Cent recently sat down before a concert to talk about his massive weight loss, new album and new movie. The G-Unit general talks about his upcoming film, which he wrote, saying he tried to emmulate what his character looked like during the illness which centers around the films plot. Beyond his liquid diet, 50 talks about his upcoming album saying he's currently working on the new project. 5th goes on to talk about his last album and the situation with it leaking.

     50 Cent recently talked about what's behind his upcoming "Black
" album. The G-Unit leader says he was inspired by
singers Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. "It's still got a
soulful vibe to it and that's why I called it Black Magic.
I had some Marvin Gaye-inspired stuff, some things that
content-wise would feel like something Curtis Mayfield would do
from my perspective, and just the choices of how the cadences on the
records were like performance music that they did in the past. It feels
brand new. If I didn't tell you it was inspired by that, you wouldn't
know that I got it from that. I didn't say the same things that they
said; it's just my perspective on what they offered."

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