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50 Cent, Mayweather Talk Eminem & Weight Loss

Posted By on June 9, 2010

     50 Cent recently talked about Eminem wanting to come to his Detroit show. "He wanted to come to my performance in Detroit. He was on baby watch," 50 said  "He was like, 'Yo, I wanna come out there, but I gotta stay. Hailie and them looking at me now.' He had to get off the phone, they was like, 'We have to go.' We talked for a little bit — he was trying to figure when he could expect [my] next record. He was like, 'Do like I make my records, like Dre makes his records. [Put it out] when you feel happy with it 100 percent.' " "You could take your time," Boxer, and guest of 50 Cent's shows, Flloyd Mayweather added. "You could take your time and make the record special."

     50's weight loss for his role in the "Things Fall Apart" film then came up. "I'm glad you got your weight back," Mayweather said to Fif. "I was getting worried. Everybody was telling me [about the picture posted on his website]. I'm not an Internet freak." 50 replied "I went from 214 to 160. I was on a liquid diet for nine weeks."

     "I was in Baku, [Azerbaijan,] and I ran from the airport to the hotel," he added, referring to one instance in his training. "I was doing a lot of treadmill running, but it's mental. When you get on the street, you could run. On the treadmill, you start thinking about the time. If you got the same music playing it gets difficult after a while. You gotta have something to distract you." "When you running on the street, you in control. When you're on a treadmill, you're not in control," Money May added. "I didn't see this [picture] yet, I gotta go check it out."

50 Cent, Flloyd Mayweather – Talk Weight Loss & Eminem


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