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Pimpin Curly Returns To The Spotlight

Posted By on June 15, 2009

    Are you a Pimpin Curly fan? If so wishes have been granted. Pimpin Curly returned to the spotlight recently when a new video popped up on the internet. [watch here] "Man I waste two hours of my life, maaan," Pimpin Curly says in the video. [watch here] "Two hours listening to [Barack] Obama, man. How you gonna make a Stimulus Package and not mention Pimpin' man? VitaminWater, they need me as a spokesperson man. The girls be with me man, they need a refreshing drink in the back, I give 'em a refreshing drink so they can work, man. Yeah best of the best man. My best customers. Yeah! You forgot to mention Pimpin' man, we here. We here, man. I'm always on the night shift man. Always on the night shift." [watch here]

    In related news, 50 Cent also released a new video where he welcomes to latest person to sign on to Vitamin Water, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard. [watch here]

Pimpin Curly Returns To The Web


50 Cent – Welcomes Dwight Howard To Vitamin Water

  • Eric

    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?