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50 Blames Labels For Club Songs

Posted By on June 23, 2009

    Although he broke into the mainstream with his "In Da Club" track, 50 Cent says that record labels are to blame for all the club type radio hits that come out of hip hop today. [watch here] The G-Unit general says that record companiers force artists to make songs that will be radio hits or they simply won't back you. "If you don't make a record that can actually play to a certain amount of audience, there is no possibly way you're going to get the marketing dollars necessary from your system to promote the project to the point that you have the huge successful records that I've had." [watch here]

     50 Cent went to talk about combining street records with club hits. "Now I've made enough street material prior to Get Rich Or Die Tryin' for you to forget 'In Da Club' was 'In Da Club.' And then the Curtis album, I didn't make any of that music prior to that album and while other artists chose to sing their entire record, I chose to collaborate with other singers and they said that was the weakest album for me because the hip-hop community feels it's up to me to give them the aggressive content. They don't believe the other guys have experienced any portion of that lifestyle." [watch here]

50 Cent Blames Record Lables For Club Songs

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