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50 Cent Says Method Man Is The Best

Posted By on July 3, 2009

    …In Wu-Tang that is. 50 Cent doesn't just praise himself and conduct beefs, sometimes he shows respect for other rappers. "Meth is like my favorite Wu-Tang member," 50 says while riding in a car. [watch here] "I always thought he was better than the rest of them, that's why he had to come out first." [watch here]

    "I listen to his music still," Fif said before spitting some of Method Man's rhymes. [watch here] The G-Unit general says that Method Man made an impression on his life that is still there. "He had one of those moments where whatever he said was golden." [watch here] "That sh*t is still hot to me because of that. What that music said to me in that time frame is still there." [watch here]

50 Cent Says Method Man Is His Favorite & Best In Wu-Tang

  • Eric

    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?