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50 Cent Signs New Artist Kidd Kidd

Posted By on July 12, 2011

50 Cent has confirmed rumors that he signed upcoming New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd to G-Unit, and discussed how he relates to the southern rapper in an interview with MTV. One of the thigns he emphasized was how he could relate to Kidd because they have both had near death experiences as the result of shootings:

“Them boys down in New Orleans, they’re active,” 50 said in an interview. “It’s a lot goin’ on down there, and because I experienced it, I didn’t move away from it. I actually ID’d with the situation a little more. He got hit six times, he got a [colostomy] bag on now … Columbia [Records], when that situation took place with me, they walked away from me just because they’re not familiar with the actual environment and what happens at different points — It don’t make me no difference: I understand it.” (MTV)

And Kidd Kidd couldn’t be more pleased with his recent signing, proclaiming it a blessing:

“It’s a blessing getting down with Fif. It’s real, it’s all love,” Kidd said. “There ain’t too many real people in the industry, period. I’ve been around a lot, and right now it’s time. I never felt like this before.” (MTV)

And he also discussed his respect for 50 after the well known rapper took the time to approach him directly and his support of his new album, “The Reallionaire”:

“Real n*ggas do real things and 50 Cent is an official n*gga,” Kidd Kidd told SOHH. “He’s a real n*gga and I don’t care what any n*gga’s got to say about him. Anything anybody’s got to say about 50 they might as well say it about me too. Real n*gga sh*t. He came to my album release party and this man called me. He called me himself. He didn’t need nobody to call me and he came himself. He hit me up like, ‘Yo, what’s up Kidd? What’s up with you?’ And this was before the party and all of that, he wanted to holler at me and I respect that because most people in the game, they go into that Hollywood talk and they send their people to talk to your people. But 50 came at me direct and I respect that. It’s a respect thing, you feel me? There’s not too many real out there that do what they do. He told me when he comes down to New Orleans, he’s gonna come and get at me. And that’s what happened. He came to the N.O. and got with me. Whatever I got going on, he came and supported me. He didn’t have to be there but he came through. He didn’t come through on some, ‘I’m gonna need some money for this appearance,’ nah, my dog came through, performed and everything.” (SOHH)

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