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50 Cent Get’s Personal, Talks Life & The Music Business – Watch Here

Posted By on July 18, 2008

    50 Cent has never been one to keep his mouth shut and today isn't any different. The G-Unit leader recently put out a long video blog [watch here] where he talked about many things, including his personal life. 50 talks about having to go to court to see his son, talking to lawyers and the his ex continuing to talk publicly about him [watch here], even going on to talk about his grandparents.

    In the recent video [watch here] 50 talked a lot about todays music industry problems and his final upcoming solo album, Before I Self Destruct. “I feel like I got something to prove again, musically,” he said. Talking about how much the business has changed, 50 says “It feels like it’s not based on the actual music. It’s just a weird climate right now.” [watch here], continuing “It doesn’t even go based on radio spins.”

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    50 Cent says it doesn't matter if you have a hit saying
Snoop [Dogg’s] album had the best radio airplay [with] “Sensual
,” that’s a big record,” he explained. “Sales didn’t reflect
that. That’s a case where radio spins didn’t mean anything. You know
what I mean? Usher went with the “Love in the Club.” Same deal. Number
one joint all across the board. Remix with Beyonce.”

    Finishing up, 50 says “It makes me re-evaluate what I’m going to present for Before I Self
,” he said. “I don’t want to go through the process of pushing
the album back four and five times. Look how many times they pushed
[Lil’] Wayne’s album back to build anticipation. Is that what it takes?
Like I gotta make you think my album’s coming out for 10 months,

50 Cent – Talks About Everything


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