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50 Cent Talks Collab Album With Eminem

Posted By on July 22, 2009

    Shady slash Aftermath slash G-Unit artist, 50 Cent, recently talked about what it would take to get Eminem to do a collaboration album. Although there are no plans for a collaboration album, 50 Cent talked about how working together could turn into one.

    "I'd love to," 50 said about making an album with Em. "We haven't [seriously] discussed making an album together, 'cause we would have to sit collectively and create each song…Unless we was doing something where half of it was his and half of it was mine. And conceptually, maybe if he came up with the first six songs and I built the last six songs and we just featured on each other's records, you know what I mean? We'd do that in a heartbeat."

  • Eric

    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?