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50 Cent Steps Up His Entourage

Posted By on July 28, 2009

    We previously reported that 50 Cent would soon be on the HBO hit show "Entourage," well footage of the G-Unit general's appearance on the show has become available online. [watch here] In the new clip that recently hit the internet, 50 Cent plays himself as he has a short interaction with Jerry Ferrara, who plays "Turtle." [watch here]

    "Yo Turtle," 50 Cent is shown saying during the clip as he pulls up in his vehicle. [watch here] "What's up man? I see you out here in your daddy's car. Don't be somber, at least you look good. [laughs]" Although "Turtle" is driving around in the car that his friend Vince Chace bought him for his birthday, "Curtis"  makes fun of the comparison to his car. [watch here]

    "Entourage" is known for featuring cameos of hip hop stars. Other notable  rappers who have appeared on the show include Kanye West, T.I. and Snoop Dogg, while Saigon and Bow Wow both had recurring roles.

50 Cent – On HBO's Hit Show "Entourage"

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