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50 Cent Blasts Instagram User For Questioning His Parenting

Posted By on July 29, 2014

50 Cent is not afraid to express his feelings on social media and he has now reportedly took aim at an Instagram user who questioned the rappers parenting after he posted a photo of his young song to his Instagram page.

According to XXL, 50 blasted the user who questioned his parenting, but the comment has since been deleted.

“50 then reportedly posted the following as a reply: “B*tch don’t talk to me like you know me. The boy 18 years old if he wanted to talk to me we would speak. Go suck a d*ck if you ain’t nothing to do.” (XXL)

Check out 50’s Instagram post that started the whole thing below.

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    My prayers goes out always for you son. You’re my heart. Please stay strong and stand your grounds. I want nothing but the best for you my son. Every since you came out in this industry, my son have said nothing but good things about you and your talent. You are very humble, intelligent and everyone tells me for so many years that you are a chocolate image of my son. I want the best for you son. I want you to keep the humbleness in your life with discretion. You always need to protect you and family. I love you my son. I have repeated myself over. Because I see you being hated on for no reason. I prayed that you and mayweather clear the air. And be fair to one another. Because you both are dynamite in this land.