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50 Cent Talks Buying Homes For His Artists

Posted By on July 30, 2008

    50 Cent is very generous but he is also very practical. It's not too well known that 50 Cent helps his label mates (artists on G-Unit Records) a lot, including buying them houses. He bought Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) and Olivia a home. Since doing so, Olivia has been dropped from G-Unit Records and 50 Cent was recently asked about this situation by Sister2Sister Magazine. 50 says…

    "In Olivia’s case, I actually bought her a home [but] she’s not actually on the label anymore…. When Olivia saw that [I bought Prodigy from Mobb Deep a home], she wanted to move into her own place. She didn’t have that brand that allowed her just to pay [me] back, so I said ‘let me just buy the place [in my name].’ She maintained the upkeep, and a year from now – best-case scenario, she can buy the house. And worst case scenario, she would have paid for the upkeep for a year and I’ll be able to sell it with a little bit of equity involved in the apartment."

    In related news, Mobb Deep front man recently talked from jail [watch here] about 50 Cent, along with his new album, plus cops and police offiers. Watch Prodigy talk about all this, click here!

Prodigy Talks 50 Cent, Album, Police Etc.


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