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50 Cent Says He’s Gained The Weight Back

Posted By on August 6, 2010

     Rapper slash actor, 50 Cent recently talked about his current weight after losing more than 50 pounds for his upcoming "Things Fall Apart" film in which he plays a cancer victim. Now weighing over 200 pounds, the G-Unit leader talks about how he regained the weight.

     "I'm now 210. I was a little fat boy, but I'm back at the gym. At my maximum weight I was 214. In the actual film I went to 160. I think the film project is going to be great, not just the transformation and the weight loss but my performance in itself. I'm excited to see it…t's the art of eating. The no complex route. It seems everything that is fun is no good for you. I had different things I don't usually have in my diet, to put the weight back."

50 Cent – Talks About Weight Loss For Movie


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