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50 Cent Cancels Performance At Family Day

Posted By on August 18, 2009

    Well that's it. After reports yesterday that 50 Cent might be a target for a shooting at his upcoming "Family Day" event in his home town of Queens, New York, the G-Unit leader had decided to cancel his performance completely. Although he might now rock the show, he might still show up says Major of New York Michael Bloomberg. "Our understanding after talking with 50 Cent is he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go, but he's not going to perform," Mayor Bloomberg said in an interview. [Mayor Bloomberg On "Controversial" 50 Cent Family Day – Watch Here]

     As we reported yesterday, the event is set to be heavily gaurded to protect 50 Cent and the people attending the event. The planned appearance has sparked concerns from local authorities, who have recruited an "army of cops" to shut down the area, fearing violence will break out if a shooter takes aim at Jackson. There will be "hundreds" of cops – including officers from special gang units – who will be present. Community Board 12 manager Yvonne Reddick says, "The concern is the [lack of] manpower. That's a lot of people. The park is surrounded by a residential community." [Mayor Bloomberg On "Controversial" 50 Cent Family Day – Watch Here]

Mayor Bloomberg On "Controversial" 50 Cent Family Day


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