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Cadillac Tah Says 50 Wanted What Ja Rule Had

Posted By on August 18, 2009

    Cadillac Tah, long time Murder Inc associate, recently camer forward to talk about the 50 Cent and Ja Rule Beef saying 50 Cent's plan was to take Ja Rule's fame which led to the evolution of G-Unit. [Cadillac Tah Says 50 Wanted What Ja Rule Had – Watch Here] Cadillac Tah says he spoke to 50 Cent multiple times about why he didn't use hislyrical talent instead of his anti-Ja Rule taunts.

    "I guess [his plan] was for him to try to Tupac it, Tupac and Biggie," Tah explained in an interview. "Find a target, go after the target to make people look at him. That's kinda always been his little strategy even when he made the song 'How to Rob.' He did that so everybody would switch the attention to him, it wasn't like that was a bad plan. It worked, so if it worked it means it was a good plan. I was just not advising him to do that — He played a ill strategic game. He threw Ja off of his grind and jumped on Ja's sh*t. He always wanted what Ja had, I mean that kinda fame, how Ja was killing 'em on the radio songs every five minutes…He came in the game with 'What up blood, what up cuz,' and then it's 'I wanna take you to the candy shop,' and he would start singing a whole lot. It's the same sh*t you had my n*gga on the Summer Jam screen about, making fun of that — and you d*mn near made a whole singing album like that." [Cadillac Tah Says 50 Wanted What Ja Rule Had – Watch Here]

Cadillac Tah On 50 Cent / Ja Rule Beef

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