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Yayo Talks 50 Cent’s Talk With NYC Mayor

Posted By on August 21, 2009

    G-Unit's Tony Yayo recently confirmed reports that New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, spoke with 50 Cent and a result of their talk was 50's performance at this years "Family Day" was canceled. [Tony Yayo Talks 50 Cents Canceled Performance – Watch Here] Beyond talking about 50 Cent's talk with the Mayor, he says that 50 also spent around half a million dollars on the event.

    "[Mayor Bloomberg] was just saying he spoke to 50 and he agreed there's not gonna be a performance," Yayo said in an interview. "So him and Fif had a coversation about it, you know I can't get at the mayor. I don't even wanna say anything bad about him [laughs] I might get pulled over when you leave outta here. But I don't know man, 50's big. 50's bigger than life. This is the first time it's been done. Rumor is he spent over a half a million dollars on this, amusement park rides, I know he got about 30 buses for Great Adventures on [August] 29th, the kids are getting booked. So to me, it's a positive thing, it's giving back." [Tony Yayo Talks 50 Cents Canceled Performance – Watch Here]

Tony Yayo Talks 50 Cent's Canceled Performance

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