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50 Cent Holds Family Day Anyway

Posted By on August 31, 2009

    50 Cent's "Family Day" event at the 40 Day projects was recently cancelled because a permit wasn't granted after the New York Police Department was concerned over possible shootings because of 50's participation. Despite meeting with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to help solve the problem, the G-Unit general was unable to figure it out. "They told me not to promote the event, and then it got national coverage. Then the fear factor comes in," 50 explained. "Can you control 100,000 people being in your neighborhood? ‘Cause you might not be sure of a turnout at an actual venue, but in the neighborhood, everyone is gonna show up." [50 Cent – Talks About "Family Day" Cancellation – Watch Here]

    In related news, 50 talked with his fans at his Great Adventures Concert Saturday. "I was trying to do something good," Fif told the crowd. [50 Cent – Talks About "Family Day" Cancellation – Watch Here] "So as a kid, I wanted to make something for the kids and allow them to have that experience. Now check this out, when I try to do it in the hood, like everybody else would do in the hood — they say 'No 50, don't be in the hood.' Y'all seen me come through, but all of them don't get to see me when I come through, right? So when I come through, and then they be like, 'We don't see 50.' And usually you don't see me because I'm somewhere where I'm not trying to be seen — but I wanna show y'all something. Look over there, the top over there, that's the motherf*cking police. Those motherf*ckers follow me everywhere I go. And you know why? 'Cause I'm from Southside." [50 Cent – Talks About "Family Day" Cancellation – Watch Here]

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