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50 Cent Defends Soulja Boy Tell Em

Posted By on September 4, 2009

    Last month Soulja Boy surprised the crowd when he brought out 50 Cent during a West Coast stop on the "Americas Most Wanted" tour that also includes Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Although the audience loved it, fans who read and watched it online were curious why 50 would hook up with Soulja Boy. Well now the G-Unit general has come forward to defend Soulja Boy. "I’d understand to not like the guy who’s a one-hit wonder. But he’s had two #1 records off his follow up album. As an actual artist, people may criticize him at different points.. like the first song, cuz of what kind of hit it was. I thought it was exciting the concept of a 16 year old kid writing, producing, and having his friends around him, creating a dance." [50 Cent Defends Soulja Boy – Watch Here]

    50 went on to say that Soulja Boy's popularity even reached Eminem's house. "I was at Em’s house. He has a basketball court that doubles as [daughter] Hailie’s dance studio. That dance studio has the hardwood floors. I watched the kids do the Soulja Boy dance to the song. They’re into organized dancing. That was something they were into. They’re a world way from where Soulja Boy comes from. But it’s translating and it’s actually a hit record and he continues to make hit records that work." [50 Cent Defends Soulja Boy – Watch Here]

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