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50 Cents Wants A Sit Down With Young Buck (Audio)

Posted By on September 14, 2010

     G-Unit leader, 50 Cent, wants a 1-on-1 meeting with ex-G-Unit member Young Buck to talk about the future of the Ten-A-Key rapper. Appearing on Shade45, 50 Cent talked about his relationship with Young Buck and whether or not he is signed to G-Unit still.

     "He's actually [still] signed to G-Unit Records," 50 told radio host Angela Yee last night (September 13) from Yankee Stadium. "Well, I think we need to sit-down. [He can't reach me?] If he can reach you, how can't he reach me? If he's trying to reach you, he could, the same way you could reach me. Buck is impulsive. And even when you see his outbursts, his random outbursts, again, you'll see it be quiet, nobody's talking, negative energy going on and then he'll go 'F*ck that, tg his and that, I ain't want no G-Unit reunion! I'm gonna kill' — he's not gonna do none of that. It's just who he is, he just does that randomly. People wondered why I taped the conversation I did a long time ago and it was an explanation, to explain what I had been going through. That was happening periodically."

50 Cent – Wants 1-on-1 With Young Buck (Angie Yee Interview)

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    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?