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50 Cent Goes Hard Rock

Posted By on September 21, 2009

    50 Cent recently showed a difference side to his music by teaming up with singer Ester Dean for a new techno-backed collaboration titled
"Hard Rock" [listen here]. The new fast-paced song features 50 using auto-tune on his voice while rapping "I like the way that you pop it, you know you turn me on. I mean the way that you move it, you really got me goin'/Girl you ain't got to say nothing, the way your body talks/Waiting, just patiently waiting to see you take it off/It's really not complicated/I mean don't complicate it…This is how it's supposed to go/I know you know/Just how to drop it low/Dr-drop it low, dr-drop it low…" 
"Hard Rock" [listen here]

    So will this new song be on 50 Cent's upcoming "Before I Self Destruct" album? Ester Dean says it's simply a demo, produced by Pollow Da Don, and wasn't intended to be on the album itself. "It's not a demo for 50. That's a song I wrote for somebody else to sing — but I kinda want to sing it," she said. "Hard Rock" [listen here]

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    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?