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50 Cent Talks Fabolous / Ray J Incident

Posted By on September 21, 2011

     50 Cent recently stepped forward to clear up the rumors surrounding what exactly went down between rapper Fabolous and singer Ray J. According to the G-Unit leader, Ray J pushed on Fabolous but never punched him.

"Soon as he comes, Ray popped off more like, 'Yo, I told you my people wasn't going to be happy with all that,'" 50 explained to Funkmaster Flex. "He got pretty close to him while he was saying it — Fab is looking at him like he's crazy 'cause he's looking at me — He said, 'Yo, you lost your mind?' [Did Ray J swing?] Nah. What happened after that, I think he got a little juice in him, I think Ray had a little something in him — I'm not saying Ray J's lying. He did actually get moving in the hallway but I got between both of them. I ain't see no fear — [Did he get punched in the face?] Nah. He didn't because he got three bouncers. If he got punched in the face in ain't enough for you to call it a punch." (Hot 97)

50 Cent – Talks Fabolous Ray J Inncident


Fabolous, Ray J – Footage From Incident

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