50 Cent Talks Fabolous / Ray J Incident

50 Cent Talks Fabolous / Ray J Incident

     50 Cent recently stepped forward to clear up the rumors surrounding what exactly went down between rapper Fabolous and singer Ray J. According to the G-Unit leader, Ray J pushed on Fabolous but never punched him.

"Soon as he comes, Ray popped off more like, 'Yo, I told you my people wasn't going to be happy with all that,'" 50 explained to Funkmaster Flex. "He got pretty close to him while he was saying it — Fab is looking at him like he's crazy 'cause he's looking at me — He said, 'Yo, you lost your mind?' [Did Ray J swing?] Nah. What happened after that, I think he got a little juice in him, I think Ray had a little something in him — I'm not saying Ray J's lying. He did actually get moving in the hallway but I got between both of them. I ain't see no fear — [Did he get punched in the face?] Nah. He didn't because he got three bouncers. If he got punched in the face in ain't enough for you to call it a punch." (Hot 97)

50 Cent – Talks Fabolous Ray J Inncident



Fabolous, Ray J – Footage From Incident


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